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It looks like lockdown is set to continue for a while so this is a good opportunity to learn something new. Here are a few suggestions

Learn which birds are commonly found in our gardens. A good guide to help you can be found at

Learn to bake – there are loads of recipes on line now for making bread without yeast of cakes without flour. If you happen to have both – well you can have a wonderful time!

Appreciate the sound of silence. Less cars, even fewer planes and most people staying indoors the world has become unusually quiet. Blissfully quiet. Some people find this silence deafening. Although it has been shown that silence improves out brain function. Try a really quiet time everyday with not sounds around the house.

Learn how to sew on buttons and how to repair a fallen down hem on skirts and trousers. Liberty reported an increase of 455% in the sale of beginners sewing kits. Once again YouTube has plenty of How to Videos on sewing and repairing.

There is also learning a new language. Again, so many on line opportunities. A friend has learnt Russian., Which is great except she replies to comments on posts in Russian now!

Never visited the British Museum? Now’s your chance. You can do a virtual tour of the many fascinating artefacts. Just go to and choose from the many categories on offer.

Learn how to really declutter your home once and for all. Find some useful tips here

Or you might want to learn how to make cocktails so hat you can impress your friends after lockdown! Steve the Bartender shows how to make 10 easy cocktails on

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