Wooly socks, cuddly throws, walks through crunchy leaves - all suggest autumn has arrived!  Let's look at how to  keep happy and healthy as the weather changes.  It's time to adopt the Danish concept of Hygge.  If this has escaped your attention it's all about  creating a cozy, comforting physical environment: lighting candles, snuggling up with soft blankets, and consuming warm, soothing drinks. But it’s also (and perhaps more importantly) a mindset and a philosophy.  As the Danes are regularly seen as some of the happiest people on the planet let's look a how we can incorporate this concept into our lives.


1.Add comfort.  Emrace the seasonal change.  It can make  big difference to your well being. A few simple thngs can help this.  Add some warm blankets or throws to your sofas, have some soft lighting, perhaps a few candles

2. Get a dose of daylight Natural daylight positively affects your mood and sets your internal body clock.  Try to get outside as soon as you can after you wake up.  Even a short walk to the local shop or a wander round your garden will help.

3. Stay active Often cooler weather encourages us to stay indoors,but wrapped up and warm an autumn walk is a great experience - either alone or in the company of people you care about

4. Stay connected Socal connectedness is a big part of the Hygge philosphy.  It is so important for emotional and mental wellbeing. Close relationships in which you experience things together with others, and experience being understood; where you share thoughts and feelings; and both give and receive support are vital.

5.. Eat a balanced diet Hygge food may be comfort food - a cake, a hot chocolate but hygge food is also very much slow food — meaning, part of the magic is in its preparation. Having freshly prepared nutritious food can boost our immune system - ready for those winter bugs.

6. Relish the here and now. Mindfulness and gratitude are key components of hygge. Turn off your phone and other digital devices and focus on the present moment. Listen to music that soothes your heart and soul. Even if it's just for 10 minutes each day. 

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